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Recovery Awareness Celebrating Ian Gordon's Art
Purchase prints below!


On October 7, 2020, Ian Gordon lost his life to a fentanyl overdose. There has been a dramatic increase in overdose related deaths in the past year and raising awareness and support for recovery is more important than ever!

Before Ian lost his life to addiction, he had discovered his talent of painting while in a treatment program. He brought that talent home with him and continued until he passed away. Please join us on June 26th where we will display Ian's art work, provide Narcan and overdose reversal trainings from The Chris Atwood Foundation, and sell prints of his work. This event will benefit The Chris Atwood Foundation and help to raise awareness of addiction and recovery.


June 26th at 4pm


750 Center Street,
Herndon, VA 20170

You can also purchase prints on canvas, bookmarks, postcards, and/ or a 5 pack of notecards of Ian's work by donating to us online! All proceeds will go to The Chris Atwood Foundation to support our work saving lives and supporting recovery. See below for the different items for sale and the links to order.

We will mail the item or items to you!

Each Printed Canvas is available in 8x12" & 12x16"

Cost of each item:

Canvas (11 different prints for sale in 2 sizes): 8x12": $50 each,
12x16": $70 each
Bookmark (4  different prints for sale): $5 each
Postcard (2 different prints for sale): $6 each
5 pack note cards (comes with 5 random/different prints and 5 envelopes): $10 for one pack of 5

Click the image to order that item and to see the full view.

Each item MUST be ordered seperately. Multiple pieces will be shipped together and you will NOT pay extra for shipping.
Shipping is included in price.
Items will ship one week AFTER the event,
no earlier than July 3rd.  Thank you!

Thank you for your support!

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